As a peer-to-peer decentralized network, MEVU allows people to bet on anything, anytime, against anyone. Turn any situation into a social bet; who can drink their beer the fastest, who will win the next round of golf, or be the first to lose 10 pounds. If your friends are not around, make new ones by finding or creating sports bets on the global MEVU network. MEVU is bringing betting back to the basics between people. The way it was meant to be.

MEVU uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to immutably and transparently store players funds and information, providing players with confidence that their bets will be executed securely and quickly.   MEVU makes betting fun, fostering competition by matching players against each other instead of a faceless bookie. Players can set their own odds, and bet on virtually anything. By cutting costs of traditional sportsbooks, and 3rd parties, MEVU players enjoy a historically low 2% fee.

To facilitate a decentralized application the MEVU smart contracts utilizes our MVU token to ensure bets are resolved automatically.   The MEVU token (MVU) is an essential part of the MEVU ecosystem and economy.   The main function of the MVU token is for players to stake their balance which will allow players to become oracles, and report on the outcomes of events.  When oracles reach consensus, they receive service fees from the bets that are resolved.



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Friday, December 8, 2017