INVICTUS is the first AI-based sports betting tool able to give expert betting advice to bettors all over the world - transforming bets into investments.

Their sports betting algorithm uses the "Wisdom of the Crowd" statistic approach ( and machine learning to identify the best betting options among over 2000 events per week, suggesting also how to combine them to maximize results. With over 100,000 users, Invictus has created a sports betting platform that offers users both intelligence, stats, and features to enhance their betting capabilities and win real money. Equipped with customized bet types, risk indicators, bankroll management, and bet archives - Invictus aims to be the top expert betting advisor in the world.

Thanks to Invictus you can always keep track of your bets, know the best odds on the market, and receive artificial intelligence based off data analysis provided by the activities of over 100,000 bettors around the world.


Invictus uses a .BET domain name ( to make their industry and intention clear from the domain name level. FInd your .BET domain today at!


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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 2020