New .BET Domain Sales Reach Top 3% of All New TLDs!

DUBLIN, IRELAND – March 08, 2016 – Afilias, a leading domain registry operator, today announced strong first day sales results for the new .BET (dotBET) Top Level Domain.

According to data verified with, .BET ranked 11th of the 420 top level domains tracked for first day sales since Feb 2014, putting it in the Top 3%. Of the dozen domains launched in 2016 .BET ranks #1!

Many premium domains have already been sold, including,, and Many super premiums such as, and remain available!

.BET names are available from your favorite .BET registrar. 

Online gaming and betting sites are growing significantly, with millions of players generating billions of dollars in revenues every year. Many parts of Europe and Asia have had legal online gambling for years; in the US, there are now four states that allow online gaming, with more states expected to approve soon. 

“Any entity that deals with betting, wagering, or casino gaming is a perfect candidate for a .BET address! .BET is the new top level domain that was created for the large and growing online betting and gambling community.  It is short, easy to remember, global and ideal for marketing,” said Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias.

.BET domains immediately convey that a site’s content is related to betting, which makes it superior to other options for marketing and search purposes.  Given its global usage, the term “bet” ensures that .BET will makes it easier for consumers to find betting sites.  

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016