Companies take a punt on new .BET domains

Domain registry operator Afilias believes that its new range of gambling-related suffixes can help both new and established companies to reach out more effectively to customers.

Pennsylvania-based Afilias is now offering .BET and .POKER top level domains (TLD), as well as .LOTTO, which is available exclusively to legitimate, state-sanctioned lotteries around the world.

While some existing businesses may feel that they are satisfied with their established .COM suffix, Afilias brand manager Brett Samuels told that the lucidity of the domains can create new opportunities. 

“With the continued growth of both on and offline gaming around the world, we feel that .BET is appealing to many markets for many reasons,” said Samuels. “First and foremost, a .BET web address lets users know that a website is all about betting from the domain level, which enhances the brand value of a domain name and makes it work harder for registrants or web site owners.

“.BET is also a very short TLD and therefore is easier to remember than many other TLDs.

“In the very competitive marketplace of on and offline gaming, .BET extensions will look great in marketing campaigns and set registrants' sites apart from the pack.”

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Posted on Date:
Thursday, January 7, 2016